Drifting About

Metrophonie is Listening Perspective on Architecture and Urbanism

To listen and to make listen to places and situations might hopefully stay main issue. But expectably I won’t detain myself from expanding the meaning of sound to a broader sense.

Actually a lot more, may it be visual, olfactory, haptic, maybe even gustatory and definitely audible is some kind of a vibration that stimulates a resonance in me. In short I could say: sound is when it touches my soul.

All those different sensual modalities are polyphonic ingredients of the cities’ experience. I’d like to capture those different tracks and voices the moment they catch me with their moods and atmospheres.

Which means this blog won’t neglect the person on the other side, me, who writes as I. Like an antenna, a receiver grabbing and absorbing the vibrations and evapoartions in it’sworld. Space is [ ] where Me and the emitters join each other. The states of my soul and the spaces are too ephemeral that you will see me in any other kind of movement than a drift through it.