Sarajevo-Mostar Trainride

by Metrophonie

The rhythm of a train. I recorded it for a friend of mine, who is a drummer, in Bosnia 2009.  I was recording looking out of a window in the train. The track was following the river Neretva. The train was stopping at little stations, small huts with a name on the side. Passing tubes and bridges.

The track was recorded with binaural okm mics on my head. Sorry for the air pressure peaks. I think I ought to build some earmuffs out of a rycote windshield, also I fear it would look damn silly. But sometimes it’s a pity you don’t have some proper wind-protection on them.

To me this is like  listening to history. It’s the sounds of some year ago. I have no glue, where to find these sounds in germany anymore.

The same is with some other sounds. Bosnia has a beautiful countryside, and I would love to have a deep walk in it’s nature. Unfortunately there still stick more than 1 Million mines in the ground, what still prevents me from cross-country hiking and recording there. Lost sounds.